A done-for-you redlining service that simplifies your contract redlining process. Avoid costly mistakes, and reduce wasted time. 

You may not understand Legal Jargon

When negotiating contracts, it's important that you have all eyes, especially legal eyes, review and agree before things are finalized.

This back and forth is called "redlining." Contract Redlining is the process of editing a contract when two or more parties are negotiating work together. The goal is to produce a single contract that satisfies all parties.  

Our contract redlining service is perfect for you if you are: 

  • In negotiations and multiple parties are involved 
  • Drawing up a new agreement or revising an old terms of agreement amongst two or more people

but we do! 

Initial consultation


If we can serve you best with a custom contract, we will then send you an engagement letter and invoice at one time so you can have an easy signing and payment process.

engagement letter


Everything we discuss in your initial consultation call will be used to determine the services rendered. This call is an important step. 


Rendering of Services


Once you've signed your engagement letter and paid your invoice. You will be sent your onboarding details and we will start on your contract. We will send back your contract to you or your preferred party. 

Contract completion


Once your contract has been approved in your review period, we will provide final delivery and send you a testimonial review to share your experience.

Initial Consultation w/call recording (applied to your fee if you choose to book within 48 hours)

YOUR contract redlining  SERVICES includes 

With this service, we mark up your contract and provide you with the exact details on what you need to look for, what terms need to be changed, and how.


Our contract redlining services START AT $1500.00 (PER CONTRACT)

Redlined Contract w/Implementation video

"Team C. Handy Law came through and helped my company settle four months of negotiations and close a lucrative partnership. The team's professionalism, timeliness, follow-up and dedication to ensuring my company's interests were served throughout the process were refreshing and appreciated! Thanks Team Casey for stepping in and helping us CLOSE THE DEAL! You will forever be our go-to contracts legal team."


- Apryl beverly, owner of baab writing & marketing services 

"You will forever be our go-to contracts legal team."

From start to finish (2-3 weeks) from the time you sign the contract and submit the invoice, if you need the contract more immediately, this service is available but an additional fee will be applied. 

In the Influencer Contract review, we provide a general overview, but no markups or redlines. 

Via Word Doc so that they can easily upload it into whichever system you use. 

Typically all payments are due before contracts are started. However if you opt-in for a payment plan, the First half is due in order to get started, next payment is due the final week before we send you the initial draft. If you need a payment plan, the initial  consultation fee is not applied.

Yes, to review more on our retainer services and process please click here. 

We've got you covered


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