A contract review session that  helps influencers have clear identification and explanation of any red-flags in their agreement, negotiation tips and answering any questions they may have. 

Don't go into your next deal Blindly!

You've invested a lot of time and money to create your brand, it's important that you have the legal guidance to make sure it stays protected. 

In our Influencer Contract Review Session we'll cover all the bases on ensuring your protection and discuss a few potential red flags and explain terms you may not understand. 

This Influencer Contract Review Session offers you a peace of mind so you can feel comfort in knowing your next deal is secure!

Get peace of mind with a contract review session.

"When you're not sure about a deal or have questions. It's always good to consult with a lawyer. Casey's my go-to gal for all things contracts, and it always feels good to have her sort through the details with me! ”


-kahlea nicole, influencer coach 

"Casey's my go to gal for legal deals " 

Your call recording and next steps wrap up guide of all the information discussed on your call 

A 60 minute review session to identify and alleviate legal risks in your brand deal of one contract 

your influencer contract review session includes:

Our Influencer Contract Review Session is a flat fee of $500.00 which includes a review of one contract. 



The session fee is a flat fee of $500.00 which includes the 60-minute session and recording. 

Sure! We just ask that you send us an email and we'll provide you with a scheduler grouping for each session. This will be sent via a separate invoice. 

In the Influencer Contract review, we provide a general overview, but no markups or redlines. 

We do not offer payment plans for this service. The service fee is due upfront at the time of booking the service. 

Yes, please send an email via our contacts informing us that you are interested in retainer services and submit specific details and we can setup a call. 

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