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what is the difference between the deal in a day vip day and a regular contract review session?


Yes, we offer custom contract services as well as general contract redline services. All custom contract services start at $2,000 per contract. You can apply here. 

Do you offer custom contract services?


At C. Handy Law, our work primarily involves contract negotiation, transactional intellectual property protection, and licensing. We do not handle civil litigation. ie: Filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement  looking to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement. 

Does your firm provide civil litigation services?


do you offer legal consulting?

Yes. For general legal advice all consultations start at $325.00 per hour. To apply for general consultation service click here. 

do you offer retainer services? 


Frequently Asked Questions 

The Deal in a Day VIP Day provides you with a complete review with edits, negotiation and correspondence on what to take back to additional parties. We provide you with markups for your contract and any potential redflags in 24 hours. 

In the contract review session, you will only receive insight on redflags with no markup nor negotiation and correspondence with the third party.  

Yes. We offer a contract redlining retainer service. To learn more about this service click here.