Contract Review Services

Have your contract reviewed by experienced lawyers to ensure that your rights and interests are adequately protected. 

Before you put pen to paper, make sure you understand that contract

If you need a general overview or in-depth redlining on a contract you’ve received, we can help. 

At C. Handy Law, we specialize in entertainment and intellectual property law. More specifically, we have experience reviewing and negotiating contracts in the industries of influencer marketing, podcasting, public/corporate speaking, on-air and digital talent hosting, book publishing, and music. 

Our contract review services cover the most common types which are: issue-specific contract review, basic contract review, basic contract review with edits, and contract review with negotiation. 

We can't wait to speak with you. 

“When it comes to what influencers should and shouldn’t do when it comes to legal matters, Casey is your go-to gal for help on the matter. As someone who actually specializes in entertainment and digital media law, she’s passionate about helping protect creator’s influence and making sure they’re not earning the short end of the stick on brand deals. I am SO happy that she’s created an easily accessible way for influencers to legally protect their brands!" 

- kahlea nicole, influencer expert + coach 

"she's our go-to for legal matters" 

Contract edits and redlines to help you sign on the dotted line, if applicable

Clarity and answers to your issue-specific contract questions

You'll walk away: 

You can rest assured that you will have a clear understanding of your contract before signing on the dotted line.

Investment: Starts at $500.00

Here's what's Included

Note: Final deliverables will depend on the scope of contract review services you request.

Getting started is easy! 

Initial consultation


If we can serve you best with a contract review service, we will then send you an engagement letter and invoice at one time so you can have an easy signing and payment process.

engagement letter


Everything we discuss in your initial consultation call will be used to determine the services rendered. This call is an important step. 

Rendering of Services


Once you've signed your engagement letter and paid your invoice. You will be sent your onboarding details and we will start your contract review services. 

service completion


Once your services are complete, we will  provide you with a final delivery and send you a testimonial review to share your experience. 

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In your application we will provide you with the exact descriptions of each type so you can choose one while you're applying. 

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