We understand how passionate you are about protecting your talent and business

From predatory business practices and bad contract terms that devalue their worth and impact. But unfortunately you may not fully understand what intellectual property and image rights your clients may be giving up, or how to edit this language to best protect your clients. And that’s why we created our contract redlining retainers. 

Our contract redlining retainers provides you with access to a lawyer who understands the influencer marketing and digital media agencies. 

Contract Review Retainer

Monthly contract review retainers to help you review the contracts of your talent roster and communicate on your agency's behalf.  

" Having the C. Handy Law team to assist with the legal side of our agency has been invaluable!" As a busy business owner, I want to make sure my team is taken care of without the headache. I'm able to focus on the bigger picture for my talent and have them focus on the legal details. I couldn't imagine having it any other way."  

- ernest james, owner of noire management

"their help has been invaluable" 

Optional monthly strategy/touch-base call

Contract review and redlining, including third-party communication and negotiation on Client's behalf 

you'll receive:

With this service we will regularly review the contracts of your talent roster and communicate on your brand’s behalf.  

Investment: STARTS AT $2,500/MONTH

Here's what's Included

Direct access to us via our client communication portal 

We will monitor your hours within the first month, if we see that you need an increase we will revise your.engagement letter and increase your hours. 

Our contract review retainers are on retainer basis meaning you will work with us on an ongoing basis. However, our contract review sessions are a one time service (that is project based depending on the type of contract service you need. 

Your contracts are delivered via our shared communications portal and via email (depending on the client preference). 

If your team needs both retainer services and operation legal house we are more than happy to create a separate engagement while serving you and your team. However, operations legal is not included in your retainer package. 

This retainer does not include custom contract services but we can provide you with a separate engagement and serve your custom contract needs.