Regain your confidence, and reclaim your time, money, and sleep all in one day.

fearless creative vip day 

A done-with-you legal audit and strategy service that offers a comprehensive deep dive review of all things legal in your business.

you've put in the endless hours and work for your 6&7 Figure Business. 

But when was the last time you did a legal audit or checked on the overall health of your business? Have you ever really done it? It's hard to know what you don't know, and that alone can be overwhelming. As your business grows, your needs change and the necessity for clear, actionable legal strategy becomes essential to your business' sustainability and growth. 

That's why I created the Fearless Creative VIP Day. This VIP Day is designed to help creative and online entrepreneurs identify their legal risks and develop a custom legal plan for their business success. 

Get Answers with A Legal Audit and Strategy

In your VIP Day I'll provide you with a customized Legal Guide (complete with prioritized action items) in these four steps. 



To kick off your VIP Day, we'll have a 90-minute Zoom call to discuss the information you provided in your Pre-work Questionnaire.  During this call, we will dig deep into your pain points and goals to ensure that we are aligned for the day.



The success of your VIP Day depends on your contribution! During this phase, you will fill out the Pre-work Questionnaire and return it, at least 3 Days before your scheduled VIP Day.



This phase is where we work our legal magic! The bulk of the VIP Day will be used to uncover and assess the risks and assets in your business. We will configure a customized legal strategy with your pain points and goals in mind. 



At the conclusion of your VIP Day, we'll have another 90-minute Zoom call to review and discuss the results of Phase 3. 

Protection of Personal Assets 
Employee/Contractor Matters
Intellectual Property
Business Compliance
Website Advertising & Marketing 
Partnerships and Collaborations 

The items reviewed and provided in your customized legal guide include:  

Here's what's Included

You'll walk away with an extensive legal guide to help you identify compliance issues early on. We'll also offer an a separate engagement of services or a referral list for the recommended strategies within your guide. 

take action with your lawyer-approved playbook.

A detailed summary of the potential legal risks in your business. Areas included in the audit summary are: Business Structure & Compliance, Contracts, Intellectual Property, and Team Support

Audit Summary

Your next-step action items, outlined in order of priority. Clear guidance on what you need, and when you need it.

 action-item checklist

Detailed instruction videos to accompany each action-item on your checklist so you can take action now!

Instruction Videos

Within 48 hours of your Intensive, you'll receive your customized Legal Playbook. This playbook will serve as your personal guide to building a solid legal foundation that protects your online business and expertise. Here's what's included in the Playbook: 

Get peace of mind, know your business is legally sound! 

Ready to Create Fearlessly? 

At C. Handy Law we've handled a wide range of different legal matters, we've observed up close what kinds of issues lead to expensive litigation situations when you don't handle them properly on the front end. Our VIP Day can help keep you from being surprised by legal issues down the road and limit your exposure to a variety of different legal risks.