Legal Audit Intensive

Get clear on contracts and protect your IP with customized legal strategy.

The legal aspects of your online business can be overwhelming.

Ditch the overwhelm, and become the focused, clear, and confident CEO your business needs.

Between navigating scope creep and late payments with high-ticket clients, to managing refund requests and protecting the IP in your online course, the legal hurdles that come with running a successful 6-figure business can be endless.

But they don't have to keep you stuck!

So many entrepreneurs make the mistake of taking a reactive approach when it comes to legal. Spending thousands of dollars to defend their brand name and enforce sloppy contracts.  

And listen, I get it.

As an entrepreneur myself who also gets overwhelmed by aspects of business growth I don’t intimately understand, I know it’s tempting to act like those pieces don’t exist.

But the legal side of growing a successful 6-figure business is one of those things you need to have in place – now.

You have a huge mission and vision. As you grow your brand, people are bound to throw hurdles your way that you weren’t thinking about in those early years of bootstrapping your business. Most people kick themselves for not getting their legal protections up in their business sooner. But that doesn't have to be you!


Let's get clear on your business needs and protect your expertise.

Get Clear on Contracts & protect Your iP with personalized Strategy.

Here's how we'll do it...



I will review your Audit Questionnaire, conduct the audit, and prepare your customized Legal Playbook prior to the Intensive. This allows for plenty of time to dig deep into your audit results & answer questions during the Intensive.  

Legal Audit


The success of your Intensive depends on your contribution! Before we meet, you will fill out an Audit Questionnaire and return it at least 5 Days before your scheduled Intensive.

The Intensive


This is a 2-hour Intensive. During the first hour, we'll discuss the results of your audit and review your Legal Playbook. In the second hour, we'll have a focused discussion around a topic of your choice. Potential topics include: enforcing contracts & late payments, IP infringement, contract review, hiring team members, and negotiation strategies

Legal Playbook


Following your Intensive, you'll receive a copy of your customized Legal Playbook along with a recording of the Intensive. Keep scrolling for details on what's included in your Legal Playbook!

apply for an intensive

investment: $1997

"Casey and her team have played an instrumental part in the legal side of our conference, programs, and team contracts. Their guidance has helped us feel reassured that we are operating in our full legal capacity. Casey's our go-to for all legal contracts and advice!"

- jordan gill, ceo of systems saved me

"Casey and her team have been so instrumental in our business" 

take action with your lawyer-approved playbook.

A detailed summary of the potential legal risks in your business. Areas included in the audit summary are: Business Structure & Compliance, Contracts, Intellectual Property, and Team Support

Audit Summary

Your next-step action items, outlined in order of priority. Clear guidance on what you need, and when you need it.

 action-item checklist

Detailed instruction videos to accompany each action-item on your checklist so you can take action now!

Instruction Videos

Within 48 hours of your Intensive, you'll receive your customized Legal Playbook. This playbook will serve as your personal guide to building a solid legal foundation that protects your online business and expertise. Here's what's included in the Playbook: 

this intensive is ideal for online experts, including: coaches, service providers, and online course creators.

Not sure if this is the right fit for you?

Worried that 2 hours may not be enough time to address your legal concerns? I hear you. If for any reason you feel you need more support at the end of your Intensive, simply request to book a complimentary 1 hour follow-up call with me. 

Have other questions about this Intensive? Send us an email at We look forward to reviewing your application!