Operation Legal House 

A done-for-you setup service to establish a solid legal foundation for your unique business.

Before now, you’ve never had to worry about the legal side of your business

Aside from the occasional scope creep from one-on-one clients, and one small merchant dispute from years ago, it's been easy to turn a blind eye to the legal aspects of your business. But now that your visibility and reach has expanded, you understand that this exposes you to larger legal liabilities that you can’t ignore.

From having to deal with copycats in the marketplace, stolen content, increased customer complaints/refund requests, AND the realization that you've signed some bad contracts along the way; you suddenly can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to legal! This is why we created Operation Legal House. It's time to clean house, and set a solid legal foundation to grow your business and secure even bigger opportunities.

"Casey and her team were such an instrumental part in the legal side of our conference, programs, and team contracts! She delivered the contracts we needed to help us feel reassured that we were operating to our full legal capacity. She's our go-to for all legal contracts and negotiations. 

- Jordan gill - creator of systems saved me 

"Casey and her team have been so instrumental in our business" 

Contract review and revision

Contract negotiation

Entity clean up and drafting of company documents (i.e. operating agreements, bylaws, etc.)  

A Legal Business Audit 

Here's what's Included

Contract drafting

Trademark and copyright registrations

Dispute resolution (doesn't include litigation)

investment starts at $10,000